Traditional Workplace Methods, Limitations, Inadequacy In Global Context

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A.1 Discussion on traditional workplace methods, limitations, inadequacy in global context Workplace trends depend on the environment or the culture of the company. Different companies have different needs. Some companies needs their employees to work in the offices and some companies needs will be their employees working away from their desk. Before most of the companies used to follow traditional workplace methods, where all the employees had to work from the office. Cultural shift Cultural shift is with a relaxed attitude towards working hours which comes with a more relaxed management style, where employees are not controlled but they are trusted to set their own plans and in their own way of working style and which will be productive for both for the employee as well as for the organisation. Linear managerial structures and democratic workplaces are replacing the traditional management style of old, where each individual, whether young or old is valued rather than subject to superiority or inferiority. Social networks As the location of staff becomes increasingly fragmented, that is employees working away from the workplace. Some companies are setting up their own social networks to allow socialisation between employees who may rarely meet face to face, or required to work away from their desk. The awareness that down time among work colleagues is important for developing relationships and encouraging collaboration is increasing among forward thinking businesses who

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