Trafalgar Thesis

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Introduction: One of the greatest battles of all time took place off of the Spanish Coast of Trafalgar. On October 21st, 1805 Admiral Lord Nelson of the English Royal Navy; with the twenty-seven of his ships sailed out to destroy the French and Spanish task force. It was known as the final great sea battle of the period and its significance to the result of the war in Europe. The purpose of this essay is to explain the battle of Trafalgar, and what occurred during within battle. Thesis Statement: Main Body: With the British fleet awaiting to sail from Cardiz Nelson, he requested his commander to join him on deck and elucidated his plans to attack the enemies. There were two types of sections. On one hand, you had Nelson in control and on the other you had Collingwood. On October 9th, Nelson wrote up a letter which explained his plan. Slowly sailing in the light winds to the South east…show more content…
Seeing how fast people were dying, Nelson demanded to the Captain of Marines, to disperse his men around the ship. For some reason, Nelson thought he was going to die in this battle, he made it obvious and took the time to say bye to all of his loved ones. Consequently, the Victory and the Redoubtable collided together and leaving little to no space between both ships. The Redoubtable closed the gun ports to avoid the French marines from accessing the boat. A musket ball fired from the Redoubtable and hit Nelson, he new this shot was fatal and that he made the right decision by saying goodbye to all his loved ones. Meanwhile, the Battle of Trafalgar continued, the ships of both fleets began to drift apart from each other. Leaving them with no more targets, they were still trying to shoot through the clouds. Seconds later, Captain Duff was decapitated trying to spot the enemy ship. Two hours following the beginning of the
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