Traffic Abortion: Causes And Consequences

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The review of related of this study identifies how traffic congestion is formed and what are its contributing factors.
Traffic jams refer to the delay caused by dealing between vehicles on a freeway, specifically as traffic volumes approach a highway 's cubage as stated by Litman (2015). The streets of most cities and even the secondary roads are often clogged and the matters of traffic congestion became so severe that the economy is affected. According to Macairan (2015), there is horrible traffic on the highways.
One contributing factor is corruption, it 's probably even worse than misconduct as stated by Liquicia (2010). It does not take long for foreigners in Manila to discern that Filipinos tend to reckon traffic laws discretionary, not compulsory. People ride, stop and park their vehicles pretty much anywhere they want. They do not follow traffic signals and sometimes drive on the wrong lane of streets she added. The indiscipline of some drivers is also the root of traffic congestions. By not following the traffic law, it may greatly contribute to our society 's problems in terms of traffic management. Counterflow is one contributing factor to the problem. The goverment doesn 't have the capacity to handle and stop these hard-headed drivers because the number of drivers with traffic misconduct is a handful. Rush hour driving techniques that make use of an individual driver 's convenience may add to traffic congestion as cited by Arnott and Small (1994).

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