Traffic Accidents In Khuzestan Essay

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In total in 2011, 1020 cases of death followed by traffic accidents have been recorded by the Forensic Medicine Organization in Khuzestan province. The incidence of mortality from accidents in Khuzestan province was 22.5 per 100,000 and age-standardized incidence rate was 24.3 per 100 thousand. The incidence rate for women 9.88, men 34.90, single 3013 and married was 25.50 per 100 thousand. Rates of fatal accidents according to the cities of the province on the basis of gender segregation are presented in Table 1. The mean age of the deceased was 34.58 ± 19.83 which collectively in traffic accidents in Khuzestan province the minimum age was under one year and maximum age was 89 years. And according to age group, the highest rate of accidents…show more content…
The incidence of deaths in traffic accidents in different months of the year are as follows in Table 4. The highest rates of fatal accidents (76.86%) occurred in the major ways and minor ways (9.99%), rural ways (5.44%) were next in the ranking. In terms of the location of the event, 29.71% of accidents resulting in deaths occurred in roads within the city road and 66.27% of these cases occurred in roads out of city. And there was no significant difference between male and female drivers (p =0.8) Most of the accidents caused by vehicles colliding with each other (46.96%) and the reversal of the vehicle with the deceased (24.61%) and pedestrian’s collisions with vehicles (21.27%). In terms of the status of the deceased at the time of the accident, most deceased people were drivers with 42.55% and then vehicle passengers with 34.90 and the pedestrians ranked third with 21.27%. In terms of the type of vehicle used, the highest percentage of deceased people was passenger cars (46.33%) and motorcyclists (33.50%). On the other hand, pedestrians hit by cars (56.34%) and motorcycles mostly (34.73%). In damage of different parts of the body, damages to head and face in 88.70%, chest and abdomen in 44.01% and, hands and arms in 41.45% of cases were recorded as one of the most common injuries in the only limb or one of damaged limbs of the deceased…show more content…
The results show that, in the suburban accidents, the death of the deceased at the scene was 21.12 percent. While this ratio, is only 8.78 percent of accidents within the city. Moreover, 40.12% of the deceased died in accidents within the cities in the hospital so that this proportion was as much as 30.01 percent in accidents in suburban

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