Traffic Awareness Essay

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Traffic accidents have been among the leading causes of deaths in Lebanon. This is spreading on our streets and highways, taking the lives of innocent people both at night and in broad daylight. Despite the many traffic awareness conferences, campaigns and warnings aimed to control accidents, we continue to witness car crashes, deaths and injuries at alarming rates. Speeding is known to be the top cause of car accidents, but there are other factors to blame, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, the poor condition of roads and the absence of street lights at night.
There has been 4644 traffic accidents were registered in 2009 and resulted in 513 deaths and 6508 injuries. In 2010, the number decreased to 4583, but human casualties rose to 549 deaths and 6517 injuries. The accidents dropped further to 4447 in 2011 with 508 dead and 6040 injured. This year, 2323 accidents have been recorded so far, end of October. (Information International, 2014)
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Plus, they installed 10 safe crossing in front of 10 schools in Lebanon and working on more to protect the lives of students crossing the road. Furthermore, they organized two taxi nights in the objective of spreading drunk driving awareness and encourage the youth to use taxi cars when they go partying especially in New Year’s Eve (Road Safety, Kunhadi). According to my friend “Elie”, on New Year’s Eve he received a message by Kunhadi offering him a free ride for the night in case he drank alcohol. This simple message makes a big difference for every single teenager where the transportation is a big issue for them to make sure they arrive safely at their
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