Traffic Congestion In New York City

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Motor vehicles are an important contribution to society. However, it can lead to traffic congestion, “an excess of vehicles on a portion of roadway at a particular time resulting in speeds that are slower” according to the U. S Department of Transportation. Traffic congestion is an integral part of New York but whether or not its effects are generally beneficial or harmful is debatable. It has a number of negative effects on New York and the health of its inhabitants. However, it is beneficial towards the economy to a specific level. Over time, traffic accumulation can have a number of impacts on the world. To fix this issue, many places have enforced different types of regulations that can positively change New York if applied. To a certain…show more content…
In accordance with the negative effects on the environment, the health of those who reside in New York are greatly impacted. According to “The Hidden Toll of Traffic Jams” by Robert Lee Hotz, a trusted source from the Wall Street Journal that discusses business in New York City, fumes produced by cars can have dangerous effects on your brain. The article states, “New public-health studies and laboratory experiments suggest that, at every stage of life, traffic fumes exact a measurable toll on mental capacity, intelligence and emotional stability.”(Hotz, 1) This explains that fumes from motor vehicles can have disastrous affects on our health and mind. Certain diseases such as heart disease, cancer and respiratory problems have been associated with the pollution formed by cars. Children are also harmed by high levels of emissions. Researches in New York and a number of other places around the world reported that these fumes can make children more susceptible to learning disabilities and social deformities such as anxiety and depression. “Emissions from traffic congestion may shorten lives” from Harvard University’s research team, a reliable document that uses research to support their claims, explains that research shows that traffic congestion can begin leading to premature deaths in the near

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