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Traffic congestion may be defined as a condition, which occurs on transport networks, which causes traffic to move at slower speeds, as the roads cannot handle the number of vehicles travelling on them. Traffic congestion has become a problem for commuters travelling to school or work during peak time traffic. The daily commute for parents and learners has become a long, tedious one, and often extremely frustrating due to traffic congestion. Peak hour traffic becomes a nightmare and congestion leads to increases in commuting times, increases in queues and stress, and causes late arrivals.

Maragon Private School Ruimsig is situated on the corner of Peter Road and Van Dalen Road in Ruimsig. Ruimsig is a suburb in Region C of the City of Johannesburg. The position of the school can be seen on Map 1. The school is co-educational, and caters for pupils from grades 000 through to grade 12.
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The writers did a review on measuring urban traffic congestion in 2012. This source mentions that traffic congestion has been one of the major issues most metropolises are facing, and that by identifying traffic congestion appropriate measures can be taken to reduce it.
It is mentioned that congestion impacts the movement of people, wastes time, energy, causes stress, decreases productivity and causes pollution issues.
The article categorizes factors into micro-level factors, which is the fact that many people want to move at the same time and therefore cause too many vehicles on a limited road space, as well as other events which may delay trips are accidents, vehicle breakdowns, poorly timed traffic lights, bad weather conditions or political rallies.
Macro-level factors, like the land use patterns, car ownership trends and regional economic dynamics, income levels, infrastructure levels may also lead to

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