Traffic Jam In Grab Literature Review

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Literature Review Traffic jam is a fundamental problem in Qatar. There are several reasons which cause this issue. For instance, exceeding the street vehicles limit, road constructions, careless drivers, accidents and finally commuting to companies in the city center. These causes affect significantly on residents and government negatively. For example, traffic jam affects people’s patience, delays them, affects their fuel expenses, causes pollution and collision of vehicles. The Causes of Traffic Jam Why traffic jam take place? I think most widely recognized illustration is the physical use of streets by a high number of vehicles. In the next paragraphs, I will be discussing the most prominent causes of traffic jam such as street development or industrialization projects, an accident or heavy blockage, high number of vehicles, commuting to big companies in the city Centre. The high number of vehicles per family lead to traffic jam because people use less public transport. At a point when an extensive number of vehicles, surplus the street limit, are progressively injected into the street, the density surpasses the critical value and free flow of traffic becomes unbalanced. (Sugiyama, Fukui, Kikuchi, Hasebe, Nakayama, Nishinari, Tadaki and Yukawa,2008). Moreover, there are an excessive number of autos and trucks for the roadway because of insufficient mass travel alternatives and lacking rail cargo opportunities. (Rosen, 2013) Road construction and industrialization in

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