Traffic Light: The Importance Of Traffic Lights

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Traffic light was designed for isolated 4-lane traffic intersection which is west, east, south and north directions as shown in Figure 2. There are two fuzzy input variables are chosen in the traffic lights controller: The first input variable in traffic light is Arrival. It is meaning the quantity of the traffic on the arrival side and the second input variable is Queue, means quantity of traffic on the queuing side (M Khalid, December 1996). Traffic lights displaying lights with a standard colors which is red, yellow (amber) and green. These colors hold a major roles in traffic:

Figure 2
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• Green light shows a signal that allows cars that facing the green light to proceed
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Right before this invention of traffic light, as we can imagine the roads were pretty chaotic. One of the crucial role of traffic light is it is designed to ensure a proper or an orderly flow of traffic as it wants to avoid any incidents or crashes that could happen. There might still be the incidents occur but literally, the chances of any crashes might happen could get any lower. It also provides an opportunity for any pedestrians or vehicles to cross to an intersection. This helps to minimize the number of conflicts between the interchanges from different kind of directions.
The importance of the traffic light is a signal timing. Signal timing does play a very important factor in this. This makes how the functional of the traffic light keeps on the safety through the process flows. There are three main types of timing in which are fixed timing, actuated timing and the third one is, coordinated timing. Foxed timing uses the same present time intervals while actuated timing uses a detector to be able to adjust traffic volumes within the differences. Last but not least as for the coordinated timing, it helps to reduce the beginning and it will stop randomly at which traffic that helps of the traffic flow and less likely, is to create a traffic
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When knowing how the system works, it is easier for the creator to do troubleshoot or enhancing the system in specific term. Moreover, identifying main factors of performance can lead to an easier task for implementing the system. Below are the two factors in creating this Traffic Light Control System:
1. Sequence of Traffic Light

Figure 1 shows a table sequence of traffic light control system

According to the figure above, this table shows the sequence of the traffic light. State1 until State8 represents as each traffic light in a particular junction. This means, the sequence are full with function in changing the lights (green to red and vice versa) according to the signal passed. Each traffic light has their time limit in order to automatically generate by the system timer that is been measured in milliseconds but it also depending on the number of cars waiting and the time they have been on the queue.

2. Software

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