Traffic Light Simulation Project

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I and my colleagues have created a traffic light simulation circuit. There for, the circuit illustrates how traffic light is made and the reason of it, it is obvious that, there are a lot of types of traffic lights in the roads, like, traffic lights that are made for 4 streets, 3 streets and others. But the circuit that I and my colleagues decided to do is for only one-way traffic light. In my opinion, our project is pretty important because, traffic light will organize the road movement and won’t cause a lot of traffic on the roads.

I and my colleague have been working to design the traffic simulation circuit. At the beginning, we had to pick the student that we have to work with, after that, we choose which project we going to do.
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Moreover, the 555 IC is used as a clock pulse generator to offer input clock pulses to the counter IC 4017. Also, the IC 555 in the circuit functions in not less than 4v and not more than 15v and it operates with a frequency of 14 Hz which means, it produces around 14 clock pulses each second to the 4017IC.
Then, we examine what happens to the IC 4017. More to add, the IC 4017 is actually a digital circuit counter plus decoder. Next, the generated clock pulses at the output of 555 IC timer at the PIN-3 given as an input to IC 4017 through PIN-14.
Each and every time a clock pulse is expected at the clock input of IC 4017 counter, the counter increments the count and triggers the corresponding output PIN. After that, once the count is zero, PIN-3 will be HIGH, which means the LED-1 will be ON and all the additional LEDS are OFF. Then, the next clock pulsate, PIN-2 of IC 4017 is HIGH, which incomes that LED-2 will light and all the extra LEDs can be turned OFF. Finally, this repeats and the LEDs will turn ON and OFF continually on each clock pulse thereby making a rotating effect which I have demonstrated in the animation

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