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Intro: A world-wide health problem that also affects Norway Traffic mortality is considered a worldwide health problem. Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death in youths. It is a well-documented fact that, in many countries, young males have on average three times greater involvement in fatal road crashes than young females (Twisk, D.A., & Stacey, C. (2007). p. 250). In most countries around the world, traffic accident deaths are more common among socially disadvantaged people. Norway is considered one of the richest countries, with perhaps the highest standard of health and longevity. (Wilkinson, R. and Pickett, K. (2009)) However, even within Norway there are differences between the advantaged and disadvantaged in terms…show more content…
(2011) findings concluded that lower parental education level was the strongest determinant in road traffic deaths. The researchers found that socioeconomic position played a role in the male non-collision deaths. Males had a higher mortality rate when parents had a lower education, which was not true for female mortality rates. In the study in the US on youthful driving behavior, there were similar findings as the study here in Norway. Crash rates were higher with younger aged teens and the number of passengers in the car. Although alcohol was not mentioned in Kristiansen’s study, the US study noted that the higher the alcohol in the blood, the higher the crash rates. It was also mentioned that the teens had less experience driving and drinking and driving. (Shope, J.T. (2006)) As I was reading the article, I began to question the outcomes in my own state, Maine, in the United States. According to The Spirit Level, Maine has socio-economic inequalities. Fatalities facts from the Maine government show that from 2010-2014 there were 106 fatalities in Maine involving young drivers. Many of the fatalities, 59%, involved loss of life for the young driver. An additional 25% of the fatalities were the young drivers’ passengers. Eighty-four % of the fatalities were young drivers and their passengers. An additional 16% of the fatalities were occupants of other vehicles and

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