Traffic Noise And Its Effects

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Millions of people are affected by traffic noise all over world. Sound is a form of energy, Waves transport the energy. There are transvers and longitudinal waves but sound waves are longitudinal waves. “Almost 25% of the European population is exposed to transportation noise over 65dBA in their home.” (Nicklas Engström Stockholm, 2011) Traffic noise can cause illness, disturbance of sleep, stress and it can annoy people. Traffic noise also affect the ecosystems and animals. It can disturb their communication, panic and escape behavior. For example bats cannot find food if the sound is too high level because they use echoing systems to find their food. Of course there are some ways to prevent the noise from traffic. Putting barriers or hills Putting barriers or hills does not make a different they both do the same thing. It just depends on the space you have, how you want it to look and how big it has to be. Putting barriers will reduce the traffic noise because the sound waves coming from the vibration of the tires against the asphalt will bounce against the barrier and will leave in the other direction. The waves that will go over the wall will go over the house if the wall is tall enough. The angle of the wall also need to be correct to avoid the reflected noise disturbing the other side of the road. Putting a hill will do the same thing as putting a barrier but it will not reflect the waves in the same direction since it does not have the same angle. The advantage

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