Traffic Violation Analysis

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Traffic management is difficult in the modern cities as well as rural areas due to the improvement in technologies. During the past few years, the traffic cop has to monitor the people who all have crossed the zebra crossing before red signal is Turned Off and those who do not follow the traffic rules, the cop have to follow and chase the person for violation of rules and fine amount will be retrieved from the person. However, this system is not efficient and time consuming monitoring the people. This paper describes about Tracking the Traffic Violation using QR Reader. Nowadays we observe there is a major issue of a traffic violation, traffic rules break and accidents occur on road or highways. Generally the burning issue of vehicle theft…show more content…
Government may use this project for the same vehicle authentication, to provide high security and safety for public. Technical Institutes may use it for their student safety in their campus. • ACTIVITIES: First of all the HD CCTV cameras are watching continually on road traffic. It is interface with the network at Traffic control Room. When the vehicle is going on road at same time the any attempt Traffic rules break like zebra crossing cross. Suddenly the camera will detect the car which is on the zebra crossing when signal light is Red (stop). According to algorithm the penalty will be generate memo and send through either matlab mail or GSM via sms. 2.3 IDEATION CANVAS: • PEOPLE: Engineers use this project to study the fundamentals of the digital signal processing application and monitoring of traffic control. Students can learn from the MATLAB coding from this project to how to analyse and to make this project implement. Technical Institutes used this and Security providing firms use this analysis to authenticate by using the…show more content…
3.3 MATLAB RESULTS: CHAPTER 4 : RESULTS SUMMARY 4. RESULTS SUMMARY: 4.1 RESULTS OF MATLAB: • From the results of MATLAB, we can obtain the car detection which is white colour from the video of CCTV camera as we show above images (figure 3.3). 4.2 ADVANTAGES: • Car detection using image processing • Safe environment • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) • This optimization covers areas as diverse as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), QR code detection and on-line real-time traffic messaging. • Addressing these problems are solved the use of video surveillance technology and specialized software applications. • Megapixel IP cameras o Higher resolution o High/Wide Dynamic Range o Global Shutter support • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) • Traffic Management o Vehicle detection and classification o Velocities of each detected vehicle 4.3 FUTURE SCOPE: • QR code Encode and decode using MATLAB • Automatic Number Plate detection • Sending the mail using MATLAB • Zebra crossing Detection • GSM

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