Traffic Violations In Car Insurance

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Generally, the only traffic violations that affect your car insurance rates are moving violations. These are tickets or citations you receive while operating a moving vehicle. This does not include parking tickets, since parking violations happen when the vehicle is stationary. Moving violations can have a negative impact on your car insurance rates, but exactly what that impact is and how much it affects you depends on several factors. Why Do Violations Affect My Insurance Rate? Insurers charge drivers higher rates after certain moving violations because those who commit these violations are at an increased chance of being in an accident. Motorists who have been convicted of speeding or driving under the influence (DUI)are riskier to insure,…show more content…
Many times a violation's impact will last for 3 years, but once again the severity of the ticket is a factor. DUI convictions, for instance, may continue to impact your insurance rates for 7 to 10 years, depending on the insurer. Severe violations such as DUI stay on your driving record permanently in some states, so it may be worth a call to the local DMV to know for sure what you'll be dealing with in your specific area. You are at risk for increased rates as long as the violation stays on your driving record. Is There Anything I Can Do? The best thing for you to do is drive safely, obey all traffic laws and watch your speed. If, however, you do receive a moving violation, you do have some recourse. If you believe that you are innocent, you can contest the ticket and defend yourself in court. If you win, the violation should not appear on your record or affect your insurance. If you were speeding or otherwise in the wrong, promptly paying tickets may prevent their appearance on your record in some states if the offense was a minor one. Attending traffic school or a driver improvement courses may also help lower higher insurance

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