Trafficking In America

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Nevertheless, many people believe that the human trafficking issue has been blown completely out of proportion and that most women choose to work in a sexual capacity. Weitzer, a professor at George Washington University believes that human trafficking is not as large a problem as many citizens may believe. He stated that “…a ton of money indeed has been thrown at the problem — funding dubious ‘research’ as well as enforcement and interventions in the form of raids.” In his opinion, this money is doing nothing to stop human trafficking and should be used in a more helpful way for the United States. Corvid a dominatrix and journalist, believes sex work is real work and should be treated as such. She tells the story of Paula, a Romanian sex worker. Paula was coerced into human trafficking by her then boyfriend. Paula after years in the “business” decided to stay in the sex industry on her own free will. Everyone has a different view of the world, Weitzer and Corvid have theirs.…show more content…
The many ways to fight modern slavery, human trafficking can be an idea of the past. This will create a much more secure environment for the most venerable people in the world. The United States can be a be a better place without human trafficking. However, if Americans do not make changes now, that future may never be a reality. This nation is strong and exceptional nevertheless America has it’s dark spots, human trafficking is one of them and yet the United States can and will rise above modern-day
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