Trafficking Victims: Society's Response To Prostitution

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Coupled with, trafficked victims that are experiencing social ostracism as a result of the impact trafficking leaves after the exploitation has ended. Knowing that individual 's’ reintegration depends heavily on how their society will view their experiences because victims know that society’s response to prostitution can inhibit their acceptance from the community. Persons particularly coerced into sexual exploitation describes experiencing ridicule and rejection during and after being trafficked specifically from family and friends; in some sub-Saharan territories, the entire family can be ostracized as a result of the victim’s past( Allais, 2006). The treatment from family members and the community will affect how trafficked individuals are reintegrated into their society.…show more content…
NGOs and UNODC in 2008 surveyed communities that display basic knowledge of the vulnerability to trafficking in relation to social and economic roles; members of the community blamed the trafficked victims for being exposed to sexual exploitation and expressed the view that they were a disgrace to the family and community. The survey also showed that community members feared that trafficked women would spread HIV in the community or try to recruit young girls for
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