Medea Tragedy Essay

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Medea Is a playwright by Euripides which falls under the genre of tragedy, and as part of tragedy plays the theme death and disasters arise. Medea was written during the ancient Greece time, where tragedy was a known play type. During that period of time, the world witnessed the advances in art, poetry and technology. The ancient Greece refers to a time where ancient Goddesses were the key factors and idols of their lives. Key: Blueàreligion / myths Greenàsocial hierarchy Red à women Purple à tragedy Theoretical and cultural context is there to address the plays background information and history before the playwright and what brought this myth to life. To able to understand the playwright you have to have a clear idea of the era the play…show more content…
Religion was seen as personal to many of the civilians living. However, most of them worshipped many Gods, they had many different templates. The many different gods were cruel and unkind, however they were still important to the Greeks and splendid temples and sanctuaries were built in their honor, as well as festivals to pay tribute to their gods. Apart of the festivals there were also venue for competitions in poetry, drama, music, athletics. The depth that these Greeks would go through to explore the different myths and tales of the gods they would travel widely to hear exciting tales about the perils of travel and exploration. An example is, Odysseus was facing dangers at the straits of Messina in Italy and Heracles traveled widely during his labors, including to distant Atlas Mountains in north Africa. Myths are tales that have been passed down through ages of gods, goddesses, monsters, and adventure. These myths are either known for their culture and perhaps for the most exciting tales told. To the Greeks myths were more than just accounted of exciting occurrences, it was more of their religion that they fully trusted with full faith and believed in its marvelous history. such stories are monumental events as the creation of human beings, it’s like explaining how the world worked, it’s mostly was told from events such as earthquakes or seasons of the year, other times the myth explored human’s emotions ad explains why humans might be unkind or unhappy. Many of the myths as well as warning myths that illustrate the importance of being aware of others besides one’s self, as well as reminding humans of the terrible things that can happen if they did not obey the god’s orders. This then shows and proves that ancient Greeks were very god-fearing people. Since their gods were generally uninterested in human happiness and could be extremely unpleasant to people and each other. Which then explains the reason
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