Tragedy Of Oedipus Rex

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Tragic. Shame. Awful. Horrendous. Catastrophic. What more can I say about this story? Oedipus Rex was probably the most devastating story I’ve ever read. I mean his ill-fate truly saddened me. He is a man who was born to kill his father so; his parents did everything to kill him. But, fate decided to make his life more miserable so, he was saved by a shepherd and was given to the Queen and King of Corinth. As he grew old, for some reasons, he heard that he wasn’t the true son of the Queen and King of Corinth and he also heard a prophecy that he would kill his father and sleep with his mother. Horrified by this, he never stepped his foot again on the land of Corinth. With his journey of leaving his homeland, he came across a man who wanted to kill him however; he defended himself resulting to killing the said man which was known to be his father. He came across the Thebes and there he fought a Sphinx. Because of his heroic act, he was known a savior, champion and became king. The prophecy came true, he slept with his mother and his mother conceived his children. As years go by, his land experienced tragedy. Plague, famine and etc. Tragedy continues because of the prophecy. Truly living up with his title of being a hero, he wanted to solve this mystery for he is a man of action. He wanted to know the truth behind all of this. As he consulted, he knew that this all happened because of the previous King was perished. So, he continued to search for the killer, unknowingly that it
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