Is Hamlet A Tragic Hero

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Tragic protagonist is elucidated as a someone who has a great or irreproachable character inside of an eloquently developed cinematic tragedy who is always destined for a downfall, or a suffering, or defeat. The main character or the hero in these tragedies is majority of the time represented as a member of a royal family, however with a little flaw in his or her character. These characters face a calamitous ending, which is often impart to the decisions that they make on their own, the bad decisions that the character makes is often due to their flaws mentioned earlier. Shakespeare is one of the greatest authors who is known for writing excellent tragedies. One such was written in the early 1600’s and is considered one of the most highly…show more content…
When Hamlet is all alone after his father’s funeral and his mother’s marriage he says, “Seem to me all the uses of this world! / Fie on't, ah fie! 'Tis an unweeded garden / That grows to seed. Things rank and gross in nature / Possess it merely. That it should come to this”(Act 1 scene 2, 134-138). This perfectly epitomizes the theme of Hamlet’s indecisiveness. Hamlet describes how he wants to end his life because it has been only two months or less than two months since his father has passed away and his mother has already married the inferior brother of Old Hamlet, who now is the king of Denmark. But, due to his hesitation and deep religious beliefs, he decides not to kill himself because God says one will go to hell if they commit suicide. Even after the host of Old Hamlet tells young Hamlet that the cause of his death was because of his uncle, Hamlet’s uncertainty kicks in and makes him doubt his own father. Because of his mind’s inconstancy he decides to put a play together that resemble his father’s murder where he hopes that his uncle will confess his sins because according to Hamlet, “that guilty creatures sitting at a play / Have, by the very cunning of the scene, / Been struck so to the soul that presently / They have proclaimed their malefactions. / For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak /…show more content…
The reasons for Hamlet’s fickle mind are the multiple horrendous situations that Hamlet had to face in a short amount of time. His father’s “death”, his mother’s and uncle’s o'erhasty marriage, him taking to his father’s ghost and finding out that his uncle is a traitor. Hamlet’s indecisiveness could have also been caused because of the issue of lack of trust, which is exemplified by Polonius and his boyhood friends that the king and queen haired to spy on Hamlet. Hamlet himself answers why his mind is volatile, by saying that his thought process is ⅓ wisdom and the other ⅔s are

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