Tragic Downfall In Macbeth

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Tragic heroes always suffer from a tragic flaw in their character. Whether it be the refusal of help or unwavering pride, that tragic flaw always brings about the character’s downfall. In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Macbeth, readers witness the deterioration of both Scotland and its unjust leader. While the witches and Macbeth himself hold some responsibility for Macbeth’s downfall, Lady Macbeth holds the majority of the blame. At the beginning of the play, three witches make a plan to meet again in the presence of Macbeth. On that designated day, right before they encounter recently victorious Macbeth and his friend Banquo from battle, the witches join hands, go around in a circle. and recite an incantation with the intent of…show more content…
From early on in the story, she has a great amount of influence on her husband. When Macbeth sent Lady Macbeth the letter detailing the interaction with the witches and their predictions, Lady Macbeth admits that Macbeth “wouldst be great,” as he is “not without ambition, but without/The illness should attend it” (1.5.17-19). She believes the witches and is excited her husband has an opportunity to become king. As a result, she advises Macbeth to put on an act so no one suspects their devious plan. She even insists that she take care of the matter, not Macbeth. Lady Macbeth does this because she knows of her husband’s capabilities—he has the motivation, but he lacks the dark heart to commit the…show more content…
Lady Macbeth then verbally attacks her spouse, angrily calling him a coward. She is confident that the two of them will perfectly execute their plan of killing Duncan and then framing his two guards who will purposely be drunk. She manages to reassure Macbeth’s doubts for his mindset transforms from hesitancy at the beginning of the scene to dauntlessness. If Lady Macbeth had not pushed Macbeth commit the murder, Scotland would likely still be under the rule of the leader they thrive under. Macbeth would not have slowly transformed into a selfish, power-hungry “king” who kills to get what he wants. Therefore, the most blame lies with Lady Macbeth. As a tragic hero, Macbeth’s possession of unchecked possession certainly contributes to his downfall. However, there are other culprits to hold accountable for his spiral. The witches light the fire, Macbeth himself keeps that flame lit, but the person who allows the flame to reach the end of its fuse is Lady Macbeth. Her negatively influential words and actions knock down the first domino in Macbeth’s downfall, leading to a country in

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