Tragic Events In Romeo And Juliet

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In the story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare many tragic events take place in a play that was supposed to be about love. The play is about two lovers who only want to be together but are plagued by tragic events and what could’ve been. If the two had made good decisions this story would be a lot different. Romeo is the character most responsible for the tragic events in the play because his and Juliet 's suicide occurred because of his mistakes, by accident he got Mercutio killed his mother also died by his actions, and finally he murdered Tybalt and Paris. One of the most tragic events in the whole play is the death of both Romeo and Juliet this happens because of Romeo’s mistakes. Romeo is informed that his wife, the love of his life has died so on impulse he decides to end his life to be with her, this is Romeo 's first mistake. After conflict with Paris, Romeo drinks the poison he has acquired, thus killing himself, if he had waited or even grieved her death then the play would 've ended differently. Juliet not really being dead awakes to find her husband the love of her life dead next to…show more content…
The worst of all Romeo’s peculiar actions is when he murders two of the characters. Romeo first murders Tybalt out of rage for accidentally killing Mercutio, this is for revenge. Romeo seeks out this fight, he initiates the brawl. Killing Tybalt causes the prince to banish instead of executing him, triggering his mother 's death that was previously mentioned. Secondly he kills Paris in another duel that Paris started to defend Juliet’s body and grave. During this fight Paris was killed by Romeo and is the last person other than romeo and Juliet to die. These are the deaths Romeo is most responsible for since he murdered them. Romeo is responsible for every death in the play one way or another whether it be mistake, accident , or murder. Romeo could have prevented these deaths and had the life he wanted with Juliet however he made bad decision that led to bad
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