Tragic Flaw In Shakespeare's Richard III

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Richard III has several tragic flaws, but most specifically and notably his physical deformity and the verbal abuse he receives from his family and peers. These flaws ultimately lead Richard III into his persistence of fulfilling his goal to ‘prove a villain’. Additionally, these two major flaws instil bitterness in Richard III, which manifests itself in his desire to wreak havoc on others in the play. Richard III states that he is ‘rudely stamped’ and ‘not shaped for sportive tricks’ (1 – 1 – 14). He is clearly bitter all because he is ‘deformed, unfinished, sent before my time’ and ‘cheated of feature by dissembling nature (1 – 1 – 19). All in large part to the fact that Richard III is an unfortunate man by nature, simply because of his physical
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