Tragic Flaws In Oedipus The King

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Introduction The story of Oedipus the king is gloomy, yet captivating. Going from a child bond around the feet and abandon by the mountainside, to marrying his mother, his story is intriguing. In search of the truth about the prophecy and putting an end to a plague Oedipus, search for king Laius’s killer, did somethings inadvertently, making him a tragic hero. His search for truth in the death of Laius the king, as well as his birth led to the ultimate destruction and downfall of his life. Sending him away to the mountainside with his foot slice and tie as an infant for the reason of abolishing the prophecy said about him when he was born, his mother and father abandon him. A shepherd who finds the child, give him to the King and queen of…show more content…
“It does but not for you, old man. You’ve lost your power, stone-blind, stone-deaf-senses, eyes blind as stone! (Qtd in Barnet, Burto & Cain, p. 1110). Struggling with the evil in his life, he adhered to the prophecy he had struggled with throughout his life, bringing it to fulfillment, which brought nothing but destruction to his life, his family and…show more content…
Oedipus who tries to make Creon looks like an evil person explains to Jocasta, his wife that he caught Creon in the act of wanting to stab him, which was not the case. “Precisely, I caught him in the act, Jocasta, plotting, about to stab me in the back” (Qtd in Barnet, Burto, & Cain, p. 1117). Oedipus who was challenging and discourteous most of the time violent temper plays a significant role in his downfall makes him a tragic flaw. Another tragedy of Oedipus as a tragic hero was that he was a proud man, who thinks he knew it all and would not listen to anyone. One of his greatest acts of hubris was that he denies his fate of the oracle and defy the prophecies of the gods that later came to reality, and despite his growing up in Corinth he was a son of the land of Thebes. Likewise, the prophecy was still to come into existence since he did not only overlooked his fate; he did whatever he wants to as the king of the

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