Tragic Flaws In Romeo And Juliet

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In the age old story The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, children of feuding families fall in love and end up taking their lives. In their passing they end the feud between their families. The lovers Romeo, a young Montague, and Juliet, a young Capulet, face many challenges that end up the cause for their untimely end. Although their tragic flaws contribute, the feud between the families and fate cause the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet show many tragic flaws. The love for each other takes the title of the greatest one of these flaws. Mr. Andrews agrees with this flaw as he says that, “the playwright intended to have his earliest theatergoers see Romeo and Juliet as protagonists whose tragic flaw derives from the same source as their strength…show more content…
The day that Romeo and Juliet secretly wed was “Tybalt's doomsday, whose untimely death / Banished the new-made bridegroom from this city” (V. 3. 242-244). On the day that Romeo and Juliet married, Romeo killed Tybalt, and this act of fate drove a wedge between the two newly weds. As Friar John tries to deliver a message of Friar Lawrence’s plan to Romeo, the people of the city fearing sickness, “Sealed up the doors and would not let [Friar John] forth, / So that [his] speed to Mantua there was stayed” (Shakespeare. V. 2. 11-12). Fate and misfortune stopped the Friar, so the important letter never reached its destination. The inevitable perishing of Romeo and Juliet is affected by the hands of fate. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet are a product of tragic flaw, family feud, and fate itself. The challenges that have been presented are to much for the young couple to bear. Although Romeo and Juliet fight for their love, they ultimately fail. The flaw of their all-consuming devotion, the bitter rivalry of their families, and the unkind work of fate all lead to Romeo and Juliet’s
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