Tragic Happenings In Bedok

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Tragic Happenings in Bedok In Singapore, the Bedok neighborhood looks like any other normal residential area, but the Bedok reservoir and a block of apartments there have been left vacant because there are no takers. This is not surprising considering that there is a story of a tragic event that happened in one of the apartments a few years back. In Bedok North Avenue, Block 99, there lived a man, his wife and his child. Once, the woman threw her three-year-old child from the twenty fifth floor and jumped down herself. The police investigation team classified the death as suicide and dismissed it, but it did not end there. The lady’s husband had a mistress with whom he wamted to live in peace after his wife was gone, but things didn’t work out the way he planned. The man tried to sell his house but he was not lucky and finally he made the decision to move in there with his mistress and son. For one thing, the man had huge debts to pay off and it was causing him enough misery on its own. To make things worse, strange things began to happen in his house. The man found that his son seemed to have an imaginary friend whom he called ‘Kor Kor’, which means ‘brother’. Neither the man nor the woman felt that it was anything abnormal, and seeing that it was…show more content…
Just in 2011 alone, five unnatural deaths have occurred in the area. The police team had pulled out bodies of five people from the reservoir giving rise to the rumor that the reservoir might be cursed. The reservoir was built only in 1986 and it is possible that it was built over an area that held a curse or caused displeasure to the spirits residing there. A look at the past history of the place shows that a massacre happened there decades ago. During World War II, ninety men were executed by the Japanese in this very location. It is not clear why the deaths of the past years would haunt the place much
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