Tragic Life In The Great Gatsby

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I.Gatsby’s tragedy life Gatsby was born in a poor peasant family in the Midwest. During World War I, he met the golden girl Daisy and fell in love with her. From a certain perspective, this is the beginning of the tragedy of Gatsby’s life. Gatsby decided to change his destiny to become a man who is worthy for Daisy.But the irony is that when Gatsby returned from the battlefield a few years later, Daisy has married Tom who is rich and powerful.It was a heavy blow for Gatsby , he is convinced that what make Daisy betrayed her chaste soul is money.As a result,Gatsby did all the things he can do to make more money to change his poverty situation.After years of struggle, he climbed from the bottom of society to the pinnacle of society,he became…show more content…
No matter what he does, upper-class people still look down on him.It also shows that at that time, no matter how much wealth you have, birth can never changed .Highborn people always enjoy more rights and higher status. This is Gatsby's sad and it is also his tragedy.Daisy is the source of all the tragedy in Gatsby’s life.Daisy and Gatsby are totally from two different world. Daisy comes from the wealthy upper class, Gatsby knows that he and Daisy should not be together because Daisy's social class obviously painted an unbridgeable gap to their love.Gatsby ‘s courtship for Daisy reflects his opposition to American social class system,and his failure also reflects that at the time the social hierarchy can not be overturned even change.At the same time the author also expressed his anger to against the upper class, he writes such sentences in his book: "Tom and Daisy, two casual people, they…show more content…
Daisy behalf of the women whose physically attractive, but in reality there is no thought inside .They seemed to have a romantic time after Daisy reunion back to Gatsby,but Daisy is far less than Gatsby’s fantasy, although it is not her fault.Even when he found Daisy's voice is full of money, he still stubbornly refuses to give up this illusory dream. But no matter how Gatsby retain, in a brutal display, this dream finally slowly disappear , and then brought a tragic end to

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