Tragic Monsters In Homer's 'Beastworld'

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Beastworld, an informational piece by Stella A. Caldwell, explains the distinct characteristics of monsters that make them unique. From the ruthless sea serpents of the ocean to the mystic fire-breathing dragons that roam the skies, Caldwell a renowned beast hunter tracks down and researches these fascinating beasts. The compelling attributes of these mythical creatures enthrall foreign visitors from across the globe. Those tempted to get too close to these dangerous beasts will likely meet their tragic demise. Many of these fierce creatures show no mercy, for they are uncontrolled and will attack all in sight. However, even more brutal than these barbaric monsters are ones who have intent of harming others. For example, the feared man-eating Bunyip lurks beneath the surface of swamps and lakes, waiting for the chance to strike the next unlucky visitor. Bloodthirsty beasts like such feed on human flesh along with other…show more content…
From the ancient Greek myths to the legendary Egyptian tales, account of these extraordinary beasts have been kept for ages. Cerberus, the vicious 3-headed hound originated from Greek mythology. He is thought to guard the gates of the underworld to prevent the dead from escaping. Similarly, Ammut (also known as The Devourer) emerged from Ancient Egyptian religion. This ferocious creature would devour all whose hearts did not balance with feather of Ma'at. I myself find it to be extraordinary that tales from 100s of years ago can still be told today.
“What makes these legendary beasts so fascinating?” You may ask yourself. Some say it’s the powers they posses such as flying and fire-breathing. Others insist that it is their distinct features that makes these beasts so legendary. The uniqueness of these creatures can be closely related to mankind as a whole. Everyone has an individual story to tell. It is those stories that shape who people are and will
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