Psychological Approach Vs Psychological Perspective

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Vertina Jones
Advanced Criminology
Short Paper - 2

There are many theories that have circulated claiming to study the cause and factors of criminal behavior, but the psychological theory is the only theory that searches for criminal aspects based on the behavior of the individual person. The two sections that compose this theory are psychoanalytic theory and the psychopathy perspective. Both psychologists and psychiatrists work endlessly in the area specializing and analyzing the human and why they perform such actions. Psychologists focus on abnormal and normal behavior and the mental capacities that would affect an individual's ability to behave rationally.
Within this area of specialty, clinical and forensic psychology are very important
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Phillipe Pinel observed that some of his patients sometimes committed such impulsive acts, that they themselves were harmed by their own actions. It would take nearly three decades for J.C. Prichard to coin he term moral insanity to describe such impulses that had no regard for anyone of the consequences of such actions. By the turn of the 20th century, a framework was being structured, as Hervey M. Cleckley noted, that psychopaths had evolved so much in antisocial behavior, that they could minimize their actions in public, while appearing normal to everyone else. Overall the status of labeling someone a psychopath resulted in studies that concluded these individuals had failures somewhere within their development and therefore they could envision values as the normal person, because they held no values, obtain a high sense of empathy to manipulate others to their favor, had no guilty feelings, were fearless and consistent with antisocial…show more content…
The role of psychiatrist and psychologist continuously proves to be important when regarding behaviors and especially criminal behaviors to identify the traits that cause a person to behave in antisocial behavior. There have been many improvements that act accordingly in trying to diagnose and treat patients before they commit a crime that can harm themselves or someone else. The judicial system has considered that an array of both biological and environmental factors plays key roles in determining how a person will interact with

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