Tragic Techniques In The Film Two Days In October

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Two Days in October is a documentary that covers the multidimensional story of the battle of Ong Thanh in Vietnam and the student protests at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This film shows examples of different techniques used that assist journalists when telling the story of October, 1967. The way they tell the story of the of the student protest at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the front line of the Vietnam War exposes some of the nuances and demonstrates that the topic was not as simplistic as people viewed it at the time. While using similar techniques to what was used in the documentary “Two Days in October”, Journalists of today can also demonstrate the complexity of multidimensional stories. These are stories that are not black and white, but that look at everyone’s perspective and ideals. The goal of these stories…show more content…
After the horrific events that happened on september 11th, 2001, a wave of patriotism swept over the nation. Whenever news reporters tried to report on anything that wasn 't completely for the war on terror, they were considered unpatriotic and hurting the effort to stop terrorism for good. Pressures to report an official story and the consequences of using unverified facts lead the country to believe that some of the justifications for certain actions against terrorism were correct. When people found out that facts weren’t being reported, this made the public question all of the stories in the news. A certain trust in the government was also lost. In the documentary “Two Days In October” the filmmakers use imagery and stylistic techniques, to tell an honest story. They are able to show the complexities of the lives lived during the Vietnam war both on the front line and the home front. Journalist today can utilize more of these stylistic tools to help tell the story to the
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