Trail Of Tears Essay

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The United States and the Native Americans were not very friendly. They often solved their conflicts by fighting. President Jackson and the United States wanted to get rid of the Natives. The Natives were forced out of their land and had to walk to their new home. They called the path they took the Trail of Tears because of the bad conditions and many Cherokees died along the way. The three sources about the Trail of Tears/Indian Removal Act help the reader understand the event because they get different stories of how people feel about getting rid of the Natives. The History channel Trail of Tears video shows Jackson is overpowering and doesn’t care about the Natives because he wants the Natives join the U.S. or leave. According to the History…show more content…
The Historian video is different then the other sources because it talks about how Jackson is overpowering and how he doesnt care about the Natives. The other sources don’t talk about Jackson being overpowering. Jackson’s Speech is different than the other sources because it talks about how kind the government is by putting the Natives in a new home to save them from destruction. The other sources talk about how bad it was. The Soldier's Account is different than the other sources because it talks about what the Trail of Tears was like instead of how Jackson wants to kick them out. The Historian video, Jackson’s speech, and the Soldiers Account help the reader understand the events because they provide different stories of what kicking the Natives out was like. The Video gives information about Jackson and what he wanted to do with the Natives. The speech shows what Jackson thinks the government would do and how kind it is to get rid of the Natives. The Soldier's Account shows the conditions of the Trail of Tears and how bad it was to the natives. The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears are significant to the U.S history because It shows us the threat of Natives and why we shouldn’t repeat the actions of being hostile to other
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