Trail Of Tears By Steve Inskeep Summary

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Written by Steve Inskeep detailing the lives of President Andrew Jackson and Cherokee Chief John Ross during 1812 to 1835. Jacksonland describes President Andrew’s desire to remove five indian tribes from their traditional homeland and move them to the far west.They were the initial targets of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and eventually leading to the Trail of Tears.
The book opens with a particular set of maps showing how the land was divided in the era of the story. Showing what territory that the Choctaw, Chickasaw,Creek and Cherokee tribes claimed in 1812, followed by current day Jacksonland. The story begins with Jackson’s life before he became president. It details how he was a commander in the war of 1812, although still under the age of twenty. He is portrayed as merciless and harsh, though most remember him as a war hero. Afterwards we get introduced to the much lesser known John Ross. During the War of 1812, he served as administrative assistant of
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Each chapter was a goldmine of masterful storytelling that made this part of our country's history come alive. I also liked how he weaved in key events, building up and foreshadowing the Civil War. Steve Inskeep gives us a different perspective to Andrew Jackson. He does not just portray Jackson as a villain but shows him as a President that held the union together during a difficult time. Not only with Jackson, he brought Andrew Ross and his story to the public eye. His insights into the mechanics of land speculation,on the frontier and on the effect of the Indian removal controversy and on the nascent abolitionist movement are particularly noteworthy. Inskeep’s incredible storytelling skills guide us through a critical period of time that meant heartbreak for thousands but expansion of the country for
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