Trail Of Tears Essay Thesis

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What was the Trail of Tears? The Trail of Tears was in 1838 to 1839. It was part of Andrew Jackson’s Indian Policy. The Cherokee were forced to give up their land east of the Mississippi River and were forced to migrate somewhere in present-day Oklahoma. The Cherokee then called this movement the “Trail of Tears”, because of the horrible effects they faced. While they migrated, they had faced hunger, many deadly diseases, and much exhaustion. Over 4,000 out of the 15,000 that migrated had died. The Trail of Tears commemorates the suffering of the Cherokee people who were forced for removal, of where they had settled. If any arts from the Cherokee were left as a symbol of where they went and migrated from the time of March and up, they have not…show more content…
There was a downfall to this all. The federal government had no experience with transporting huge groups of civilians, household effects, farming equipment, and livestock. This had caused a bad impact. Many Choctaw died from exposure, malnutrition, exhaustion, and they had caught diseases while traveling. The Cherokee used legal action to keep from removal. The lawsuit was titled Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia, and the other was titled, Worcester vs. Georgia. It had soon reached the U.S. Supreme Court, but provided no relief. With the Seminole, a few Cherokee leaders made a group meeting about a removal agreement, but it got rejected by the people as a whole nation. Even though many families moved west in the mid-1830’s, almost all the Cherokee believed their property rights should be respected. Later o in 1838, the US military began forcing the Cherokee from their homes, and if they refused, they were forced by gunpoint. The ones who traveled and went on the river were loaded onto boats which traveled parts of Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, and Arkansas
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