Trail Of Tears Trail Of Tears Dbq Analysis

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Must cite at least 4 documents During the first half of the 1800’s, America had a lot of progress, positive and negative. Some would say that all of the positive progress has cancelled out all of the negative progress. I disagree. Even though the positive progress has really shaped our nation,all of the good progress definitely did not cancel out the negative progress because the negative progress is so extreme. The most important progress that was very negative was the horrible work conditions for people during the Industrial Revolution, the Trail of Tears and other unfairness to Native Americans.

America was slowly conquering all of the Native American land. In document 2, there is 11 maps that shows the amount of Native American owned land. It is very sad to see that in each image that the Native Americans get more and more land taken from them. The main idea that I am taking from this is that America was power hungry to get more land. Although America got some land from peaceful agreements,
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Document 5 shows the trail of tears. The Trail of Tears was when Andrew Jackson made the Indian Removal Law in 1830 which forced all of the Native Americans move to Oklahoma, which was the most undesirable land. As seen in this document, there are many native americans who are doing different things. All of the native americans are walking to the Oklahoma but many are sad. One is wiping his eyes with a handkerchief and others are helping the sick and burying the dead. The walk to the new land was very dangerous and many died. The main idea of the image is to show that the trail of tears was one of the most harsh decisions that really upset the native americans. This document helps support my idea that positive does not make up for the negative because even though the US benefited by getting more land in a more convenient location, a ton of Native Americans died which is very
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