Trail Of Typhoid By Catherine Carey Analysis

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My interpretation of the main theme for each poem, short story, and piece of nonfiction in both sections is, “You will always encounter obstacles throughout life, but with the support from others you can overcome them”. Each piece of literature chosen from unit two supports my theme because characters from the writings had obstacles to face but not all accepted help from others. The authors of these pieces of works showed the outcomes of their characters and whether they made the right or wrong decision in the choices they made.
In the nonfiction internet article “Mary Mallon’s Trail of Typhoid” written by Catherine Carey it explains that under certain circumstances, people are blind or may try to avoid the reality of the truth. For example in the article it states, “ When he confronted her with his
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Nolen it explains how you should not be so cocky and rush into something you 're not prepared to do and instead have patience, and learn from experienced ones. In the memoir it describes the pressure and lack of skill a surgeon has when operating on someone and the difficultness of the task. For example in the text it states,”My fingers, greasy with fat, simply would not perform. My ties slipped off the vessels, the sutures snapped in my fingers, at one point I even managed to tie the end of my rubber glove into the wound”. This shows that he wasn’t prepared to operate on someone. Another example is, “I grabbed something and pulled it into the wound. Small intestine. No good. Put it back. I grabbed again. This time it was the sigmoid colon. Put it back. On my third try I had the small intestine again”. This shows that not everything is as easy as it seems and only after experience do you really know what you 're doing during an operation. As a result the man’s body he operated on did not function correctly for two weeks and was on the verge to dying, but fortunately he pushed through and
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