Training And Development Advantages And Disadvantages

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Introduction TNT is a transportation company founded in 1946 by Ken Thomas in Australia, after the Second World War; TNT went Dutch in 1992 following rapid international expansion. In less than 50 years, the company grew into a global enterprise, even operating its own fleet of aircraft. Much of the growth came from take-over and interests acquired in other companies. Their history is noteworthy for decisive acquisitions and a drive for excellence both in the business side and in their customer service. Customer Service “Excellent customer service is the process by which the organization delivers its products or services in a way that allows the customer to access them in the most efficient, cost effective, fair, and satisfying manner.” But to the TNT Company the customer service goes beyond what is written in the text books, as the company recognizes that increasing the customer expectations makes them invent ways to address these expectations, and to TNT the customer service is not only delivering the services to the customer, it depends on how these services are carried out to the customers, and hence in TNT the customer service is “a series of activities designed to deliver customer satisfaction”. Training & Development Training is a process by which the company’s human resources gain knowledge and develop skills through written instruction and practical work that ultimately results in improved company performance as whole. There is a subtle difference between

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