Training Day Analysis

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In 2001, director Antoine Fuqua released the film “Training Day,” starring Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington won a Best Actor award in 2002, from starring in this movie. “Training Day” is a crime film/thriller. Police drama, that involves a veteran officer, who is now a detective, taking a rookie, a former security guard, on his first day with the Los Angeles Police Department narcotics unit. In the movie “Training Day,” Alonzo Harris and Jake Hoyt are the two main characters’ names. For my Ethical Analysis essay I have chosen to compare these two characters. Their personalities, their actions, and the passion they have for their jobs are the main ways to compare the two. Jake Hoyt wants to get promoted from officer to a…show more content…
The first scene I want to compare the actions they take is the first stop of the day that Alonzo has already set up and he knows what is going to happen. Hoyt and Alonzo stop teenagers for a drug bust, Hoyt does his part by handling the kids in the backseat like he is told but he gets distracted when he watches and listens to Alonzo. This is Hoyts reaction to the way Alonzo is handling the situation. While Hoyt is trying to make a good impression, and learn from Alonzo, he doesn’t agree with the way Alonzo is handling the situation. He doesn’t come out and say that but you can tell by his facial expressions. This is universalism. Hoyt knew what was right from wrong due to having history in the police academy. To Hoyt, how Alonzo is handling things isn’t the approach he should’ve taken. The second scene is when Alonzo pressured Hoyt to smoke the marijuana that he got off the kids and he knew it wasn’t anything to play with. Alonzo knew the different types of drugs that were “laced” in this pot but he knew Hoyt didn’t. After Hoyt smoked he was out of it, then when he woke back up he saw the two men and one girl in the alley way, he made Alonzo stop the car and he got out. Alonzo turned around and just watched as Hoyt handled the situation. Hoyt saved this 14 year- old from possibly getting raped. Because he knew what he saw going on in the alley wasn’t normal and he could tell something was wrong. Hoyt handled the situation on his own, because that’s his job. He didn’t care what Alonzo had to say but Hoyt wasn’t tolerating what was happening. This is also Universalism. Hoyt knew smoking wasn’t right but when he got threatened with no longer having the opportunity of becoming a detective or training with Alonzo he did it anyway. But he also knew the right thing to do was to help the girl out in the alley way and that’s exactly
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