Training Day Movie Analysis

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Ethical challenges are of universal span; many people including police officers are confronted with the opportunities for violating organizational rules and norms daily. Most of the stories about police officers in the media, including Cops and Criminal Minds, are about respectable police officers, but the intense 2001 movie Training Day is not. Alonzo Harris, a veteran police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), is training Jake Hoyt, a rookie officer on his first day with the narcotics unit. Harris’ character is an example of police officers’ potential for corruption. For instance, when Harris misuses the police authority and uses some fake arrest warrant seizing millions of dollars from a former LAPD veteran, now an informant…show more content…
Harris works and lives in the inner-city streets where the drug dealers overrun the city. Harris’ personal beliefs and sense of justice are a result of his life experiences with criminals and drug dealers. His ideas of justice and sense of right and wrong coupled with the social factors of drugs and crime in his community contribute to Harris’ unethical conduct. For instance, the temptations are always present in the circumstances when raiding any drug dealer activity. Drug dealers possess a lot of money and drugs, such as the Training Day movie, in which money and drugs influence Harris, so he acts criminalized. Lastly, the criminal justice process or the legal consequences that the criminals face are right but not necessarily fair because occasionally the process supports corruption. In other words, the criminals and drugs dealers in the movie do not face the right legal consequences because the criminal justice process including the judges is corrupt. His life experiences with drug dealers, the drugs, and crime in the streets and the corrupt legal system contribute to Harris’

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