Training Programs In Tesco

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2.1 Training Employee:
Training the employees principally deal with acquirement of perceptive, proficiency, providing technical support and make them practice it regularly. Moreover, these training programs to the employees are very important issues of studying human resource. It is important because these training can improve individual routine works in various levels of their work place. Nowadays these programs help employees growing their ability to work more efficiently and effectively in the workplace so the organizations are also encouraged to invest more on organizational training and learning and finally achieve development in the overall performance (Steers, 1997).
On the other hand knowledge about any organization is also very much
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We can find it from the top 3 biggest retail stores in the world. The number of its employees is almost 472000 which are really big in number. These employees are working in Europe, America and also other parts in the world (Guardian, 2010). Tesco has introduced a plan which has become very successful to retain and develop the lifestyles of its workers through various training program. It has established an Academy school named Tesco Academy for its employees to learn and get the basic of their work related idea from the school. From this academy, Tesco conduct various training program to support its employee and develop them. Tesco introduced these training programs and set alternative goals and objectives for each training program. At first those who conduct the training program, understand the current trends of the market and the customer’s attitude towards the goods. Then they evaluate those problems and provide appropriate training programs and teaching to cope up with the situation in a short time. After attending these training programs employees have changed their attitude towards the company and also to their…show more content…
They have to compare their position and their responsibility in the job field. HR managers in Tesco help the employees to understand what actually they are contributing to the firm. They instruct their employees to understand the work standard and work accordingly. Tesco HR managers provide different training and learning programs for their employees across the word as they come from various cultures and their work style may differ. (Whitelock, 2003).

2.5 Trained employee and increased productivity:
Horizontal labor flow is very important for any retail company. When a firm has well organised and motivated employee to work, they can easily get some benefit from the competitive market place. It also important to make these employees motivated for a long time. For this purpose HR manager of Tesco provides a good environment for working, a good lifestyle, and recognition so that they can give maximum output (Sims, 1990).

Tesco also get satisfied because their investment on employee training program did not go in vain. Their employees are also working at their highest level and provide more productivity to the firm. Training program not only brings efficient employees but them also help to gather customer loyalty which is also important for any
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