Training Support Center Observation Paper

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I have been stationed at both Fort Campbell, Tennesee and Fort Benning Gerorgia. As an NCO, I was held accountable for ensuring that there were adequate training aids to train soldiers so that the unit can maintain proficiency in certain areas. While many soldiers have creative ways of coming up with training aids, there are available resources at many Army instillations that provide suitable tools to assist in your training. Many soldiers are unaware of these resources, which was evident in my journey to find these assets.
Observation: The Training Support Center (TSC) is a great place that provides training aids to support units in all their training activities; however, they are not well know across Army instillations.
Discussion: The mission of the TSC is to provide storage, loan, instruction, maintenance and accountability of Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS). As I moved from one duty station to the next, I always found myself asking a multitude of individuals where the TSC is located. Not only do they not know where it is located, they are surprised to find out that there is such a place with those available resources.
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I believe that Unit’s supply clerks should post the information on where the TSC is located as well as a list of the available resources. Also, the TSC is there to support troops and should advertise themselves across the instillation.
Summary: The TSC has a warehouse full of training aids available
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