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VALUE OF TRAINING With high demand for training, resources must be center on the most important program in order to maximize training investment and achieve its highest value. (Kirkpatrick, 1994 and Phillips, 1997), believed that training value is eventually derived from the trainees’ ability to apply learned concepts on the job and the resultant impact on goals. Whether the basis of training decision is financial measure, such as return on Investment or Return on Expenditures, the definitive objective of training must always be to generate the greatest benefit at the lowest probable cost. There are six strategy presented to improve overall efficiency during the planning stage are presented. The first three strategy are intended to progress at…show more content…
this approach is presented to analyze the deficiency in performance, to detect the source of the problem, to identify solutions including training that might create the desired performance needed and determine recommended actions to maximize return on investment. 1. Identify the problem and validate the assumptions 2. Define the possible source of the problem 3. Collect necessary data 4. To discover the cause of problem within every group, the collected data must be analyzed. 5. Classify possible remedies for every group and it must be rated according to their power to bridges the performance gap, 6. Implementation issued must be identified, this includes assessment of feasibility of solutions through examining existing resources and available line of funds. 7. The direct cost and benefits of each solution must be computed, gather all pertinent data including all indirect cost relative to training. 8. Lastly, prepare a plan action and prioritize recommendations. accumulate and evaluate the cost and benefits of probable solutions to anticipate which remedy will produce the maximum impact and

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