Trait Theory: A Character Analysis

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Introduction This essay will entail the understanding and evaluation of trait theory as well as a character profile of a chosen individual. The essay will be broken into two sections in which the first section will provide a description of the central tenets of trait theory of personality and cover the most important theories in the field. The second section will include the character profile of the chosen individual using a trait theory selected in section one. The profile will include traits, motives and expressive styles. The term personality includes the distinct variances in typical ways of thinking, emotion and the way in which one conducts themselves. In studying personality two areas are focused on, the first is understanding specific…show more content…
Introverted individuals tend to turn to themselves as their drive is focused on inner feelings and thoughts whereas extroverted individuals turn their drive outward as they like to be sociable and active (Myers & Paris,…show more content…
Alongside extroversion-introversion there are other distinct indices. The MBTI includes Carl Jung’s theory of perception and judgement in which states that people are different when it comes to perceiving and judging but there is an underlying link or similarity. The scales or indices include Extroversion- Introversion (E-I) which measures whether a person is extroverted or introverted, Sensing-Intuiting (S-I) which echoes a person’s preferred way of perceiving, Thinking-Feeling (T-F) which echoes a person’s preference of two opposite means of judging, and lastly Judgement-Perception (J-P) which reflects a person’s method of dealing with the extroverted side or the external realm (Center for Applications of Psychological Type,

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