Traitors Never Win Analysis

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Traitors never win. Arnold Spirit Jr. lives on an Indian reservation full of drunks and unsuccessful people. Junior knows that he needs to act on his own life if he wants it to get better. Junior decides to enroll at a white school named Reardan. Many of his fellow Indians are unhappy about his decision and is called a traitor. Junior loses his friend Rowdy and many bad things happen to him. He can 't make everybody happy so he should atleast make himself happy. Junior has lived his whole life surrounded by Indians. I would say he is living between two worlds. When Junior grew up he was taught to never leave the Indian tradition behind. Junior never really left it completely behind, but he definitely forgot it. He said he wasn’t in love with the white people when he really was. Many of his Indian friends and families didn’t like the fact that he was starting to act like the white race. Junior…show more content…
Rowdy was his best friend when he went to Wellpinit. When he moved to Reardan Rowdy didn’t like him because he left the Indians for the White people. Another thing that kept Junior going was basketball. He used to play with Rowdy but now that he is in Reardan he is forced to make new friends and try to be on a new team. Reardan had many good players. Junior thought that all the white kids had everything. He said that there families had money they were smart and they were good at sports. Junior had to work hard to make the team. He showed the coach he could hang with the varsity players after he fought hard against Gordy. The coach said Junior was one of the best shooters he has ever seen. Junior ended up starting and playing basketball had some issues attached to it. When the rival teams Reardan and Wellpinit played many fans booed Junior because that 's where he was from. Rowdy also played for the team and he ended up knocking Junior out of the game. It was just another time where he had to overcome something and beat the
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