Nursing Profession: Traits Or Characteristics Of A Nurse

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Addisen King Ms. L. Wijntjes ENGL1301.017 12 November 2017 Nursing Profession As a nurse you are expected to care for patients, follow instructions from higher authorities, and help in the recovery of patients. A normal day in the life of a nurse may include wound care, medication distribution, insertion of IV’s, communication with families if not the patient themselves, assist in surgeries, and to care for all patient’s needs. Traits or characteristics of a good nurse are caring, diligence, dedication, responsibility, honesty, patient, organization, flexibility, hardworking, and intelligence. The ESTJs or extraverted, sensing, thinking, judging type are people who like to do things the traditional way or the learned route. They believe that…show more content…
The purpose of this article is to help identify and give further detail on the emotional struggles that are prevalent with ICU workers. This article includes tables to help visually show the conclusions of this study. According to Ümran Altinӧz, and Satı Demir, “[n]urses there have to provide multi-directional nursing care and use the latest life-saving treatments and technologies,” and “[i]ntensive care nurses [also] encounter uncertainty about tasks and duties” (95). For nurses with the ESTJ type this section of work could be very difficult. The qualities and characteristics of a ESTJ interfere with this job due to the tendency to be uncomfortable in uncertain and or risky situations, and they do not like change. ESTJs would rather take the traditional way out of things and would like to know exactly how things are going to happen so that they can prepare and organize for the upcoming events. In the intensive care unit patients are critically ill and may even die. With this being said most of the time nurses in this unit may need to use new trails, medications, approaches, techniques, or they may even have to work with a new colleagues or authorities. People who are ICU nurses and are the ESTJ type may have strong difficulties when it comes to day to day duties in this unit, and could cause a multitude of issues that are not acceptable on such critical circumstances. When things go wrong or when people are placed in positions they aren’t comfortable in it could lead to life or death for the patient in the
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