Traits Of A Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Traits of Hero
Tom Hanks once said, “A hero is somebody walks voluntarily into the unknow” (Hanks). In Homer's “The Odyssey”, Odysseus displays he is a hero. In the story Odysseus goes on a ten year journey with obstacles and eventually makes his way home to be reunited with his family. Many of the obstacles have shaped Odysseus as a character for the better. On this 10 year journey throughout the story, Odysseus shoes responsibility, loyalty, and wisdom, which are all traits that makes him a hero,
One of the traits that he demonstrates is responsibility with being a hero. Odysseus after Troy goes to the island of Cicones where he loses lots of men from lack of self control. Then he goes to the lotus eater island and sets out three men out
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Heros are seen everyday, but considering that Odysseus had to overcome 10 years of bad luck everyday. Odysseus would have given up by now, but he has not, knowing the responsibilities like his family and kingdom he left behind after going to the Trojan war and coming back to all of it now. Even after losing all his he still returned to Circe’s out of loyalty to his men. Just like Goku, from “Dragon Ball Z” he is dead in this point of his life but he still trained with King Kai a martial arts teacher and mentor that lives in heaven. Yet he returned for his friends and family. Especially since his friends have to face a dangerous foe that is killing his friends. That is why Goku is referred as a hero just the same as Odysseus is a hero. For how even on their departures from their loved ones, they continue to learn and mature or in Goku’s case become strong and learn new techniques. Really reaching to become aware of others and risking what is important for others wellness and health also showing loyalty and responsibility is something to strive for, as well as accepting advice to become mature which leads to wisdom. All these ideas are to be better, really to the point to even be a hero in someone else's
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