Traits Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Intelligence, loyalty, and fearless are only a few traits to describe Odysseus. In the Odyssey he proved to be extremely intelligent. The first time Odysseus showed his intelligence was when he told Polyphemus the cyclops that his name was “nobody.” He did this so when the cyclops ran away he would yell “nobody blinded me” rather than stating his name. He also shows his intelligence by the way he and his crew escaped the cyclops’ cave. Instead of simply walking out and possibly being caught, Odysseus thought that by strapping himself to the bottom of Polyphemus’ sheep he could successfully escape. His act of intelligence saved his and his crew's life. Odysseus was very loyal to his crew throughout their whole journey. When he and his men arrived at the land of the Lotus-Eaters, three of Odysseus' men ate the intoxicating lotus plant, losing any desire to return home. Odysseus could have decided to continue on his journey leaving the men behind because he still had enough men to man their ships. But he forces those men to return to their ships so they could travel home. This shows his loyalty to his crew. He is loyal to Elphenor when he see’s him with Hades and buried his body.…show more content…
First off, Odysseus was the one to save the Greeks in the trojan war. It’s the Greeks versus the Trojans. The Trojans are protected by walls in the city of Troy. Odysseus made a plan to invade the walled city. After a while he finally came up with the idea of the “Trojan Horse. ”Odysseus’ plans were to build a giant horse out of wood that all but one person will hide inside of. When the Trojans bring the horse inside the Greeks would jump out and attack! In conclusion, he helped to save the Greeks and end the war. He is now considered a Greek hero. Overall, Odysseus has a mix of traits but he cares about the wellbeing of others and puts a lot of effort into his
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