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In Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse V The protagonist Billy Pilgrim is kidnapped by aliens known as Tralfamadorians. The aliens have an interesting view of tim in that they see all of time happening at once and are able to choose which moments to view and live through. after being kidnapped Billy becomes unstuck in time and gains an uncontrollable version of this view. If The Tralfamadorian view of time was adopted by humans it would be destructive at first but people would have far more to gain than lose from it. One way the view of time would be useful is that it could be used as a precursor system and people could change events before they happen. The only reason this could fail is that it is unknown what happens if one were alter events…show more content…
One could simply avoid death or experience it and move on. Death is but a bad condition to the aliens. they see all of the other times people are fine. Billy writes in a letter explaining the creatures ”When a tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in a bad condition in that particular moment, but the same person in fine in plenty of other moments”(27). People would be careless about death and would be shocked and sad the first time if unprepared or not expecting the moment but would quickly move on or go back to see the person some more, or save them as mentioned before. they would also be confident in the abilities of others to stop them or see the timeline change along with their actions and prevent their own death. People could vive full lives and revel in whatever they chose, another amazing benefit. In conclusion humans should Adopt the Tralfamadorian view of time due to it’s immense benefits. It would allow them to edit the past and future. It Would be vastly useful to review moment without edits for several reasons. Finaly death and fear would be irrelevant and avoidable. The question still stands what would happen if the timeline was
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