Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Dbq

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The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was responsible for the forced migration of between 12 to 15 million people. From Africa to the Western Hemisphere, the slave trade not only displaced millions of Africans to a life of exploitation, but also a painful death. Nobody knew the total number of people who died during slavery in Africa. The Atlantic slave trade Many died a slowly painful death during transportation and imprisonment, or in horrendous conditions during the Middle Passage. The voyage from Africa to the Americas was horrifying and painful for the slaves so many slaves considered suicide as an option. The African Kingdoms were kidnapping slaves from other Africans Kingdoms and trading them with Europeans. In the 15th century some enslaved…show more content…
While traveling to the New World, slaves experienced the blending of different cultures within their own slave community. "When I looked around the ship... and [saw] a multitude of black people of every description chained together." (Document 6) This represents how slaves from differing parts of Africa came together because of slavery. Changed the way they lived by interacting with people from differing regions of the world. This impacted the slave communities culture by changing their cultural constructs."Africans and Indians fought with each other, claimed to be each other, and allied together for common goals" (Document 9) This document proves that trans-Atlantic slave trade inflicted a new culture upon African slaves, also know as the maroon community. The maroon community was made up of ex-slaves or runaways. By being apart of this community, it gave them a new outlook on them being away from their previous home. Although it was not an ideal situation to be in, it was much better than being a plantation slave. This document shows the relationship between the indigenous peoples and the African slave communities that has been established because of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The relationship between these two communities would never have been established if it hadn't been for the slave trade.The two communities "allied together for common…show more content…
It influenced the Atlantic world by labor, pastoral production, trade, and increased the production of cash crop.In document In document one it is referring to the depopulation of America due to the great dying which killed approximately 21 million people. In document 2 a secondary source document is states, "Sugar production was hard , year - round work and sometimes around the clock...required a large amount of carefully coordinated work under misery This shows that the slaves were always hard working and were require to do all the miserable hard work"This Information is relevant to my claim because it shows how the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade affected the economic system, because it shows the labor system and how they would be treating slaves like property instead of humans. Document 5 shows that as slave population grew or increased the amount of sugar increased. The reason for that is because their are more slaves to do the work, which result into more sugar.It shows that there was a tremendous increase of production of cash crops and luxury goods. Document 7 shows how the Atlantic trade was effected economically because the trade people to fight over sugar. Through trade it affected people's behavior. In the picture you see the kids fighting to get sugar. DescriptionScene outside a shop in Orchard Street; a group of boys playing on, in and around a large wooden barrel, the shopkeeper in his doorway
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