Trans Fats Persuasive Essay

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Trans-fats have been around for many years, and no one has said a great deal about it until now. In recent years, trans-fats in foods have become a very large issue that has surrounded America and its population. They have been blamed for everything including obesity to bad eating habits within our society. Banning trans-fats for something it may have not even done is completely wrong to do, and should be stopped immediately. Our local leaders think that by banning the use of trans-fats in our restaurants will solve all of our problems, but that could actually make things worse. By banning the use of trans-fats in our community would violate the right for freedom of choice. Our local community leaders believe that by removing the use of trans-fats…show more content…
In the comic, it depicts an overweight man asking if there is anything without the dreaded “Trans fatty acids” in kwickie mart (Source D). As you can see from the picture, everything in the store looks to be very unhealthy which include candy, chips, doughnuts, and cupcakes. This gives the reader that everything around us is made up of unhealthy foods that are going to make us more obese. That 's not true. What the local citizens don’t realize is that there are more options than just picking out all of the unhealthy food. There are so many choices that you can choose from that are more healthy than others, it 's just about what you want to eat when you go out. Beato argues the point that all there is, is unhealthy food in our community which is making the people obese. Beato’s source C refutes the information in source D by informing the reader that it 's what you pick to eat is what makes you unhealthy. It’s not the fact that the food is unhealthy, it 's that there are many more options to pick than just unhealthy foods. Even Walmart sells organic and healthy foods, which are more readily available than they have been in the past. In this comparison between source C and Source D, Beato’s source C wins out

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