Trans-Lunatic Asylum Research Paper

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The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a large part of history in West Virginia. It is also a more popular tourist attraction and has been on a few supernatural television show. The asylum has so much crazy and a like fighting history. The asylum has so many opportunities to venture around the building and if you are lucky you can experience supernatural activity for yourself. The can take day tour that last an hour and a half or you can spend a night in the building. At night time the building drops about an average of 15 to 20 degree colder than the temperature outside. Also there is way more paranormal activity for the visitor to experience first hand.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was very long and ongoing process to build. The
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There is one ghost in particle that is kind of famous. She will interact with guests and corporate with ghost hunters. She was even on a few paranormal shows like paranormal Adventures and Paranormal Lockdowns. Her name is Lily. The asylum is not quite sure how she got into the asylum. There is one theory that The asylum is almost postive about. They say there was a young women that was committed to The asylum and they didn’t know she was pregnant. Throughout her stay at The asylum says she had been diagnosed with a bad disease. Luckily she was kept alive until the birth of Lily. The mother past shortly after, along with Lily. Even though Lily died as a baby, The asylum says her “spirit has grown and matured.” They say she would be about 3 years of age now. Lily’s Room is probably the most visited room in the asylum. Her room is known for the brightness and the joyful color. Lily’s Room is a bright yellow, which is not normal, because the other patient's room are a light grey or just plain white. She also has a variety of toys, stuffed animals, and candy wrappers scattered throughout her room. Lily is nutritious to what to play games with the people who work and take tours in The asylum. She will turn on and off flashlights and toss her toys around her room. She is notorious for making noise by laughing and playing with her ballet music box. There have been times when people have left toys or candy for Lily and have felt her holding their hand or even giving them a
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