Trans Mountain Pipeline Case Study

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INTRODUCTION On November 29,2016, the Government of Canada grated approval for the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project. The project allows for the expansion of 987 km of pipeline to the existing pipeline between Strathcona Country, Alberta and Burnaby, BC. The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project has been developed in response to requests from Western Canadian oil producers and West Coast refiners for increasing pipeline capacity in support of increasing oil production and gaining access to the growing West Coast markets. The expansion will create a twinned pipeline, which will increase the capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,00 barrels per day. This expansion project will include an installation of a new…show more content…
Not only are they concerned about the environmental effects of a spill, but also how it will be affecting their lives over the next months. Everyone has their own input about the pipeline, and it is important to give them the opportunity to voice their opinion. The president of the Kinder Morgan pipeline allowed for this community involvement by taking phone calls from residents to hear their concerns. These concerns must be dealt with in the best manner and considered during the design process. The pipeline route must also be analyzed for more than just cost efficiency and ease of construction. The environmental and economic effects must be considered. A route that runs along the road will require lane closures during construction which leads to traffic build up congestion and more pollution from stalled cars. However, if the route constantly cut through parks then many tress and habitats for local wildlife would be lost. A balance is required. By analyzing the road and traffic conditions you can determine the best locations for the pipe to run along the road, and the best times to have the construction take place. Try and place these locations on straight-a-ways with no on or off ramps, this will allow traffic to flow better. If it is required that the pipeline cuts though park, it should be near the edges of the park or where there are high slopes. This is because there will likely be less wildlife…show more content…
They are required to address all conditions that have potential to the harm environment, property and people throughout the life-cycle of the pipeline. All cost of abandon pipelines and facilities will be cover by the owners and operators. This includes clean-up of the surround area until it is reclaimed to acceptable environmental stands and any unforeseen events that occur after abandonment. When pipeline is abandoned, Kinder Morgan needs to submit an abandonment application for review by NEB. After review an abandonment order will be issue, and specific conditions must be satisfied before the order takes effect. This order is design to address any risk to public safety, property and the environment. CONCLUSION Lots of public out-lash has occurred after the resent approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project. The public has many concerns and traditional debates about nature and economy has been streamed over the media in recent days. No matter if you are right or left wing the expansion of the pipeline will affect us, Vancouverite, directly or indirectly. Canadian government has spent large amount of time and resources with experts to weigh out the issues; therefore, we should accept their
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